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Do you need prescription for tramadol?

Do you need prescription for tramadol? Well, in some US states and in Canada, the use of tramadol still requires prescription. Though in some countries tramadol can be availed over-the-counter even without prescription. They don't classify Tramadol as a controlled substance like codeine, morphine, hydrocodone, methadone, Demerol, or oxycodone.

In some Asian countries, this substance is commonly used to treat labor pains and can be bought without a prescription. But in Sweden, this country has opted to classify tramadol as a controlled substance just like ascodeine and dextropropoxyphene where a normal prescription is required. And as of December 5, 2008, Kentucky classified tramadol as a Schedule IV controlled substance. Other states that have implemented restrictions on purchasing Tramadol are Arkansas, Georgia, and Massachusetts. The Military Pain Care Act of 2008 also requires base pharmacies to label tramadol as a controlled substance. Do you need prescription for tramadol?

And with the advent of technology that we have today, tramadol is now readily available by remote prescription through internet pharmacies. This way, you donít have to go through the hassles of driving all the way to the pharmacy just to buy a tramadol. Through the help of the internet you can now purchase tramadol even at the comfort of your home. In the United States however, the Food and Drug Administration or the FDA said that it is illegal to obtain prescription drugs without valid prescription. But some foreign countries have no laws that dictate the legality of selling prescription drugs online to persons living in countries where it is illegal to obtain prescription drugs without the prescription.

Many foreign online pharmacies work much like what legal US online pharmacies do. But instead of a pharmacist that asks questions, you will be prompted to take some surveys. These surveys are not at all times the most accurate source of knowing whether or not the drug is safe to use and a genuine doctor or pharmacist is available.

Once the survey or conference with an online pharmacist is completed, the order will now be shipped to the buyer. The prescription is practically a free prescription and you can save huge bucks on money in purchasing tramadol online. Aside from the savings, they will ship it directly at your doorstep the soonest possible time.

Take note however that since the FDA outlaws purchasing prescription drugs from foreign sources, it may be potentially be a huge problem if you will get caught in doing this. To avoid any problems with law enforcers, many customers are advised to find a legal United States pharmacy that conforms to the standards of the FDA.

Tramadol, being a prescription drug, may be out of reach to persons who need it the most. And in this desperate situation, these individuals will certainly look for ways to obtain tramadol without prescription even by hook or by crook. Of course, it is still highly recommended to follow what the law states but others are still not stopped from using the less legal ways. Health authorities want people to be safe from all the possible harms caused by some medicines purchased illegally. Though online shopping for tramadol may seem to give you all the benefits, you may still get some disadvantages.

Remember that most of these online pharmacies are foreign-based and there are conflicting levels of standards implemented in the production of the drug. This will be reflected on the quality of the tramadol. There could be products offered in some online pharmacies that may be of lesser quality. Since tramadol is used as a painkiller, using inferior quality could only make your situation worse. So if you need a medicine that stops pain, ask your doctor that you need a prescription for Tramadol.