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Is Tramadol Addicting?

There are some misconceptions about using Tramadol. Some people classify Tramadol as a narcotic but it is not a narcotic like morphine. So there are some patients who are afraid to take this drug because of possible side effects like addiction. It only works similar to narcotic drugs but does not result to severe side effects common to narcotics medications. When Tramadol is used properly to manage moderate to severe pain, the drug will not cause dependence or addiction.

However, there are still a lot of people complaining that they became addicted to Tramadol. Is tramadol addicting? In a study published in the Journal of Family Practice, tramadol is considered as a drug with a low risk for substance abuse. While the drug is considered as one of the most effective pain relievers in the market, there are some cases where dependence on the drug becomes a problem. There are so many reasonsIs Tramadol Addicting? why this problem happens.

First, taking Tramadol without the supervision of any health care professional will certainly lead to abuse of the drug. Self-medication is a dangerous thing to do. Since there are some states which do not require prescription for the drug, any person suffering from pain may purchase this drug over the counter. People who are suffering from ordinary pain should not take tramadol as this is intended for a more serious condition.

Second, using Tramadol for longer periods will cause dependence on the drug. Some says that the effect is psychological. They tend to increase the dosage of the drug because of the feeling that higher dosage means lesser pain or no pain at all. But it is important to note that every drug has its own maximum dosages. Beyond the prescribe dosage, it will certainly cause adverse side effects to the user. Tramadol is intended to control pain and not to cure malignant health conditions.

Addiction vs. Dependency

An expert clarified that there is a big difference between addiction and dependency. Those patients who are considered dependent on Tramadol do so because of an existing medical condition which needs to be addressed. These are cases where the use of this analgesic is required by a doctor. Regular dosage of tramadol for longer periods can cause dependency. So when it is not needed anymore, the patient and the doctor should carefully taper off the medication. This is to void withdrawal symptoms associated with Tramadol use.

Signs that a person is already addicted to Tramadol include using the drug in a manner not prescribed by the doctor usually taking at higher dosages and more frequent than the prescribed interval. Some patients may also report loss of medication in order to obtain more or ask for refills even if they still have enough supply of Tramadol. Signs of addiction also include getting prescriptions from several doctors and pharmacies just to get more tramadol. You are addicted to Tramadol if you start stealing the drug or ask others to give you a few pieces. If you always think of your next dose and becomes problematic on how and where to purchase your drug is also a sign that you are already addicted to Tramadol.

Those people who are considered addicted to Tramadol use may experience withdrawal syndrome. The symptoms vary from mild to severe which may include sweating, tremors, anxiety, insomnia, diarrhea, hallucinations and an increase in pain. If you are on tramadol medication, do not stop abruptly to avoid these symptoms.

How to Combat Addiction to Tramadol

The best thing to do to avoid addiction to this drug is to follow your doctor's advice. Self-discipline is a must. There are other methods which can help fight addiction to Tramadol. The Waismann Method of Accelerated Neuro-Regulation is one of the popular methods which use medicine to cleanse the Tramadol from patientsí opioid receptors. With this method, withdrawal symptoms are avoided but the patient is required to stay in the hospital for a few days. Drug treatment programs and counseling are also recommended.

Testimonies online revealed that the use of herbs can also help prevent addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Living a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and healthy diet should not be taken for granted. Caffeine also helps counteracts the effects of Tramadol. The use of herbal medicine plays a major part in preventing the symptoms. Some of these are kava-kava, eutherero root, gingko biloba, fish oil, and green tea. You can also take multi-vitamins and vitamin B supplements.